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Alex Cruiz - Rating: 7.71
Alex Cruiz Interracial Gay Sex
Alex Cruiz
Alex Cruiz is, ahem, a sucker for erotic novels. We find Alex along with Mr. Hampton and Tyko, and they're enjoying some erotic smut read by Alex the twink. The innocence of reading quickly transforms into some boy-on-boy-on-boy action. The novel is quickly ignored so that white boy can get a double CONTINUE>>>
Alex Cruiz Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Alex Cruiz Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
dadd****: hot little bitch boy that wants to be used hard by two large dicks - we need to see more of him
lwb8****: FINALLY a HOT little bitch boy on here. next time have this faggot take that nigger dick raw... and if the girls can take 11 men then these little gay boys should too.
IMBU****: OMFG This is by far and away the best IR 3 way movie ever. I love what those niggers did to that boy and he to them in return. This should get an Academy Award, it was awesome. I love seeing white boy being kissed sucked and rimmed and he returns the favor. I don't even want to be him, I just want to watch him. Great job all three of you.
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Kaiden Moss - Rating: 9.00
Kaiden Moss Interracial Gay Sex
Kaiden Moss
Kaiden Moss is here to make her porn debut. Oh, did we mention that it's his first time ever with a black guy? Well, here it goes: Kaiden's extremely nervous in his first ever scene. Can you blame him? It's his first time fucking under hot lights with a camera pointed right at him. And it's his firs CONTINUE>>>
Kaiden Moss Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Kaiden Moss Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
Boot****: This scene was pretty good, but will you please shoot scenes with white bottoms who weigh more than 110 pounds?! The people who join this site want those THICK mid-western corn fed boys, those sloppy southern sluts with thick asses and full bodies. Bring a true thick bottom whore on this site and watch memberships EXPLODE. Real talk.
just****: I watched this again. Turns me on to see this subby bitch being humiliated and used. He wants to submit so badly. He said a gangbang, pulling a train, would be "hot". I think he wants to be made a slave to BBC. Give the little bitch what he wants! Time to expand your formula a little, and here's the slave to do it with!
just****: cute little bitch seems to love the pain of takin BBC and loves the taste of cum even more!
ngts****: Nothing like watching a virgin, boy get broken in
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Colin James and Steele - Rating: 7.80
Colin James and Steele Interracial Gay Sex
Colin James and Steele
Steele is ALWAYS on the prowl for the freshest white guys to play with his huge black dick. Today we find him outside a paint store where he comes across Colin James. A drive back to his place finds both guys getting to known one another.And it's not too long before Colin has Steele's massive meaty CONTINUE>>>
Colin James and Steele Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Colin James and Steele Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
ngts****: Steel should have cum on Colin's balls and dick.
cowb****: Hot, love Steel's big dig, just wish it was bareback and had him over the edge of that couch for a good pounding.
orga****: Colin takes it and seems to enjoy it without any issues.
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Mason Brooks and Steel - Rating: 8.63
Mason Brooks and Steel Interracial Gay Sex
Mason Brooks and Steel
Mason Brooks' first time with a black guy is now up for your viewing pleasure. Steel's daily prowl for white boys has found him encountering Mason in a parking lot. We take Mason around the neighborhood as he and Steel feel one another out. Mason and Steel are completely fascinated with each other d CONTINUE>>>
Mason Brooks and Steel Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Mason Brooks and Steel Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
juic****: gorgeous black boy with amazing cum shot
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Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews - Rating: 8.71
Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews Interracial Gay Sex
Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews
Caleb Andrews hit up Mr. Hampton to see if he has what it takes to fuck on this very site. Mr. Hampton sets up a meeting in the park where he gets a closer look at a white guy who's never fucked a black guy....EVER. Once back at the studio Mr. Hampton shows the newbie around until it's time to get d CONTINUE>>>
Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
ngts****: Not bad..........
orga****: Very good, and only thing to make it better is to be versatile and let's see the big dick white boy fuck the black guy. :-)
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Kaiden Shaw - Rating: 8.73
Kaiden Shaw Interracial Gay Sex
Kaiden Shaw
Kaiden Shaw is about to get a double dose of hung black meat via some new friends he's made in the park. Once the formal introductions have been made we go back inside to get the ball rolling. Kaiden's at the mercy of his black masters as he sucks them both. The tatted white boy is confronted with b CONTINUE>>>
Kaiden Shaw Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Kaiden Shaw Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
IMBU****: Finally 2 hot blacks who can keep it up. And a hot white boy who acts like this is really his first black guy. A good combination, keep this format up. Very Hot.
orga****: good but more close up camera work required..
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Jesse Idol and Steel - Rating: 7.25
Jesse Idol and Steel Interracial Gay Sex
Jesse Idol and Steel
Steel came to us wanting to fuck in a "casper". Or a "powder". In any case he wanted to get his hands on some prime white boy for your pleasure. We beat the heat by taking things inside where Jesse Idol wastes no time in sucking down as much of Steel as possible.Steel turns his attention to that whi CONTINUE>>>
Jesse Idol and Steel Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Jesse Idol and Steel Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
alvi****: What's wrong with these one swallows
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Hans and Alexander - Rating: 8.10
Hans and Alexander Interracial Gay Sex
Hans and Alexander
Hans is a licensed massage therapist that does everything by the book. Alexander is a black guy who lives just to slam his black pork into any white boy he comes across. Hans is rubbing down the aching muscles of Alexander when his true intentions come to light--he wants that white boys mouth wrappe CONTINUE>>>
Hans and Alexander Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Hans and Alexander Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
prbo****: More Hans please
sema****: Yes...good one. More trash talk. I agree.
kim1****: love it
toki****: Hot scene. like the trash talk... need more by the tops. LOL that was NOT a tight hole. Boi had had quite a few big ones stuffed up there.
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Chip Currie & Alexander James - Rating: 8.88
Chip Currie & Alexander James Interracial Gay Sex
Chip Currie & Alexander James
The tight ass of the boy from Tennessee won't ever be the same after Alexander James got through with it. Chip's brand new to fucking on camera. How new? Well, this is the first ever scene for Chip and he's from an area of the country where interracial sex is frowned upon. However,Alexander doesn't CONTINUE>>>
Chip Currie & Alexander James Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Chip Currie & Alexander James Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
dadd****: cannot wait to see him in GB with 2 or 3 big black dicks - he is a real Black Dick slut
orga****: Just beautiful, 2 nice boys........... doing their thing.......... Love it............ know the reasons, but hate condoms........
zapp****: just too bad that on this web site here they don't think too much of hot, passionate kisses, with lots of tongue play. but great how the white little chick exposes his hole to the smooth black dude for a good rim job! wow, and how much he needs that fat black dick! great!
zapp****: O.M.G. I just don't know who of the two is cuter. That little white chick - I want to see him in more scenes! And the black guy, so smooth, gentle yet masculine ... oh, them make a wonderful couple. I would like to see the white chick being "treated" by baaad daddy Hole Hunter. Could be an authority scene where the boy needs some serious reprimand :-) great scene!!!
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Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton - Rating: 9.09
Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton Interracial Gay Sex
Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton
It looks as if good study buddies make even better fuck buddies. We find Ian Levine and he's opening up to his buddy, Mr.Hampton, about his troubles with his grades. Here's another bonus- Ian's never been fucked by a black guy, and he hopes to use this to his advantage. Mr. Hampton offers to tutor h CONTINUE>>>
Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton Bareback Gay PornGay CocksuckingCute Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton Gay Fucked Bareback
Member Comments:
IMBU****: Ian is the cutest hottest little cock sucker on her in a while. I love natural body hair on small boy.
joem****: Would like to see Ian paired with Hole Hunter.
juic****: both sexy, both did an excellent job. great!
jack****: Almost perfect, these are the videos we like to see. Hot, sexy and caring. Good bodies, especially the black guy. He makes my juices flow!!
prbo****: Love it,great video.
Would like to see more of this whiteboy soon :)
Maybe have the whiteboy dick the black dude down for a bit,a flip flop would be interesting
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